Text To Speech issues really need fixing.

Hi folks,

Firstly if this has been a topic previously, I can not find it, or it is burried so deep in the history that frankly it is beyond my patience to go fishing for it, so warrants a resurface. That or it is new and warrants discussion.

Now I’ve tried to generate discussion in another section but it was abruptly severed by a moderator, not really sure why, but that’s not the point of this thread.

The point of this thread deals with the lame way that the Text To Speech (TTS) software used, says certain words. pushhhback and kantas being the two most irritating.

It turns out that while android users can change their TTS, iOS users can not. Which leaves only one simple solution. Make the audio-texts universal. So that any (especially ios) TTS software can reproduce the ‘oral’ content correctly.

A very simple, easy, and quick fix actually. You don’t need to change the written text, just the ‘spoken text’

Pushback (push-back) or (push back) or (puush back)
QANTAS (quantas)

I’m sure there are other irritating soundbites out there and contrary to what ‘some’ think, it really is an easy fix. That or just provide a better TTS with the IF program and not rely on ios or enduser TTS’s.

Personally, I am fed up with the way IF says the word QANTAS it sounds like KANTAS wich is irritating in the highest order, and a little insulting to an entire national carrier. If you change the audio-script to quantas it will say qantas correctly.

I used to have that spoken correctly in earlier versions when I could have IF read manualy, but since some bourkes out there were making up offensive and ridicculous call signs, that ability has been disabled.

So please keep the ‘text’ Qantas and Qantas Link, but, please, please, please for goodness sakes, change the audio-text to ‘quantas’ and ‘quantas link’.

And for heavens sake, get ‘push back’ to be spoken correctly. Fix the TTS dyslexia. After all it is just a text to speech fix and could be done in literally one minute.



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Sorry I should’ve mentioned that we’ve already had this discussion in the past and are aware of it. Nothing we can do for Siri. Only Apple can change that. :)