Text missing on easyJet winglets

Easyjet text missing on the wing fences and the sharklets


Seen this?


I’ve been on an easyjet a320 with sharklets but no text a few times.

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Um, what aircraft was it with the winglets?

I think it’s because one of them had winglets I can’t remember on the A319 or the A320 one with the new livery but then they changed it so one didn’t have winglets, it was something like that either way they changed the wings around with the new and old livery so that’s probably why it doesn’t looks as good


Nice catch! Great attention to detail!! :D


Probably just an odd livery. Check the aircraft registration and confirm using Planespotters or another trustworthy source.

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I like Goldorak just behind your first pic ;-)

(it’s in LSGG - Geneva)

Best way to sort this out is to request the updated livery :-)

I know, all these pics are mine

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