Text input problems in the app

Hi there, when ever I try to change my IF username in IF, the whole game glitches, and the keyboard doesn’t work, and when I try to hit back, back doesn’t work. Also when I try to paste my flight plan in the search bar, the same thing happens. Why does this happen? Thanks!


Could you please elaborate a bit here?

Perhaps a screen recording of this would be good :)

Restart your phone!

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I have a screen recording, but it’s not letting me import it.

Upload to YouTube or similar and link.

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Have you tried this? Even though it’s an iPad? :)

yeah I did

What happens if you press on your name on that page?

When I go to the page I have to press on my name to bring up the keyboard and then a separate box pops up to enter my name

Im trying a second time

Thats what normally happens, but its not.

It works now!


Awesome! :))

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