Text Error @ KATW

If you spawn in anywhere in the Oshkosh region, you will notice there is a text issue with KATW.

Way to reproduce :

  • Open Infinite Flight

  • Press either the solo button or live button

  • Press the button with the little globe

  • Select Oshkosh region

  • Select any airport

  • Open the map

  • Go to KATW on the map


I don’t see what’s wrong. It looks okay to me.

Appears to be a glitch from the aircraft editing team. Someone must have tried to redo KATW and either forgot to delete the old one or accidentally created a whole new one. They basically stacked the airport twice, both with different names, which gives the glitches up name and the 3-D affect on runways and runway numbers. Something to notify the Aircraft Editing Team

if you check it for yourself, you will see

I’ll fix this now.


It’s because there are parallel runways and the numbers and letters are almost over each other.

It is 2 airports on top of each other.

Ok guys, we haven’t found the issue yet, though you are correct that there is a duplicate (somewhere), we just haven’t found it.

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Looks like there are actually 2 different named versions of the file in the IF server. Spoke with @dush19. Apparently the airport was wrongly named by the name of the airport and not the ICAO code. It must have been grabbed by the server during the last update. Dush19 changed the name to the correct ICAO and the server copied the 2nd version with the correct name. I suggest we need to ask @matt to remove the file named Appleton from the server.

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Also known as a scenery push. :) I told Matt we needed one before release but…

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