Text Color / Size

I would like to have an option to change the text size on the application.

Right now, the text is an orange color, intentional for the color of IF, but with the text coming in from either ATC or other pilots and directions, its either orange or green, which against the bright sky is extremely hard to read.

Violations pop up with an easy to see icon, and the text is white on a somewhat transparent gray background, which is very easy to read and understand. The same goes for any controlling notifications as well.

My request would be for a similar adaptation as it comes to ATC commands while flying. Not everyone plays with the volume up, not everyone can play at night. But, the text has to be fixed in order to be seen.

Please vote for this and take it into consideration on how ATC commands are sent across the screen, similarly to how Violations appear.

Thank you.

You can, BUT, if you’re not listening to the commands with the volume down, there is no way to specifically tell that you have an ATC command other than looking down at the headset periodically.

If the ATC command pops on the screen this could reduce the reaction time to coordinate the command and provide quicker response time.

Just read back through the commands when you click the ATC icon, double click to see the conversation between only you and ATC only.

Yes I know how to do this. I am not talking about having the dialogue box with ATC open at all times. I am merely suggesting an option where commands can be displayed with a transparent background so the text is more visible.