Text and voice messages same time (controller)

Would it not be Nice if People can talk with there real voices and peaple that don’t want that can Just use messages. I am 100% sure it is possible.
(Only for advanced server)

Pilot should say before he is going to fly how he communicates with the ATC like with messages or with voice

What do you think? critisme welcome!


Might be hard to understand because of accents.
Like people from other countries may talk with a heavy accent. Also, you might get inappropriate words etc.
And it can be used for spamming.

Not a good idea in my opinion.


Then you use the message option

And how more you practice how better you talk;)

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If someone is spamming Just ghost, it is only for the ADV server,
like yesterday happend on zello.


Theoretically this should work but, practically, I can imagine something like this happening:

Plane1: Requesting pushback
ATC: Speaking Chinese
Plane2: Mayday mayday incoming!
Plane3: Get the f*ck out of the way, I’m gonna land
ATC: Laughing
Plane4: I want to takeoff runway 03L
Plane4: Let me takeoff 03L!
Plane1: Inaudible because of accent



Ehm they Just use the message function

This happend the whole time on PG so I don’t understand the problem ATC Just ghost

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Plane 1: request pushback (GND FREQ)
ATC: pushback approved
Plane 2: mayday mayday incoming
ATC: no emergency ATM (TWR FREQ) so this is another controller
Plane 3: want to take-off runway 03L
ATC: please check help pages for requesting take-off or use the messages
Plane 4: let me take off runway 03L
ATC: pleas search how to ask take-off or use messages
Plane 1: ready to taxi
ATC: taxi to runway 03L via blablanihsig


Oh, always thought it was bravo. Must have been me!

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Lol I just don’t want to type so much😂😂


Highly unlikely that ATC will say ‘Nope, there’s no problem, just fly on!’
But I get what you mean

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This will probably end in disaster, and there are also privacy issues (cough cough I don’t want to reveal who I am).


I always thought the same thing, but I would only suggest this for advanced

Not a bad idea,

But alot of younger kids on the site prefer not to use their real voices on a game…

If this idea goes to a update, your grade must be REALLY REALLY High.

Imagine kids spending 1 hour to get to grade 3 just to troll and say weird messages on Advance…


There are more organisations that are doing this so why not here?

it is real voice



I think you’ve been to inspired by voice atc lol

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Imagine this on playground or free flight 😂

Yea You can use third party stuff to talk normally (Skype FaceTime ect) but if they add it in so you have to talk with your voice I will quit if