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Howdy Everyone! Thanks for taking some time to view the official thread of Texas Virtual Airways, or TXVA for short. Founded in May 2022 and approved on October 23, 2022, TXVA has a lot to offer.

TXVA was founded in May 2022 by CEO, IV AVIATION. The hardwork of the TXVA Staff Team eventually payed off when, on October 23, 2022, TXVA was officially approved by the IFVARB!

Our fleet is made up of many types of aircraft. We have aircraft as small as the Cessna C208 and as big as the Boeing B777-200LR. The flagship aircraft in our fleet is the Airbus A220-300 and Boeing 757-200. These two aircraft are highly respected in the aviation world, most known for thier efficiency and handling. To dive deeper into the fleet of TXVA, feel free to visit our fleet page on our website.

Below are some of our routes.
You can view the offcial TXVA route list here or visit our website for more information regarding TXVA routes.
We have about 70 routes with 20 destinations.

Texas Routes

Screenshot 2022-07-21 6.52.31 PM

USA Routes

Screenshot 2022-07-21 6.59.10 PM

International Routes

Our Hubs include: KAUS, KDFW, and KHOU.

Rank Name Hours Needed Aircraft
Cadet 0-2 Hours C208 and TMB930
First Officer 3-19 Hours E175 and E190
Senior First Officer 30-99 Hours A318 and A220-300
Captain 100-499 Hours B757-200
Senior Captain 500 + Hours B777-200LR

Postition Current Holder Duties
CEO @IV_AVIATION_YouTube In charge of managing TXVA
COO @Fightre_Flighte Makes sure TXVA is running smoothly
CPR Position Avialiable, Apply Here In charge of writtng our monthly newsletters
Event and Route Manager Position Avialiable, Apply Here In charge of planning, creating and hosting weekly events and managing routes
PIREPs Manager Position Avialiable, Apply Here Manages the PIREPs filed by TXVA pilots
Recruitment Manager Position Avialiable, Apply Here In charge of recruiting new pilots and guiding them through the application process

TXVA First Class is our VIP program. It allows pilots to become more involved in TXVA. There is no need to apply because pilots are automatically enrolled into TXVA First Class when they meet the following requirments: score a 100% the TXVA Written Exam on the first attempt or file 7 approved PIREPs in a one week (7 day) period. Pilots are rewarded for their hard work and commitment to TXVA in the following ways: 2X mulitplyer, priority gate assignments for events, priority pushback, taxi, and takeoff for events, color roles on the TXVA discord server, access to the TXVA First Class lounge on TXVA discord server, access to do charter flights. Charter flights are avaliable to only TXVA First Class members. They can choose any airport in Texas and fly to any airport in the world or from any airport in the world to an airport in Texas as long as the aircraft is within the pilots rank.

Currently, TXVA has no codeshare partners but we are looking to establish some, please contact us if your VA may be interested in a codeshare partner with TXVA.

You can join the TXVA team with this link.
Requirements to Join:
1.Minimum grade 2
2.Over the age of 13
3.Have access to a discord account
4.In good standing with the IFC and IFVARB โ€‹
5.Have a legal copy of Infinite Flight pro

The application process:
1.Apply using the apply link, make sure to follow all of the rules while filling out the application.
2. After applying, your application will be reviewed in the timely manner. During this time we are making sure that you qualify to join TXVA. A notice of acceptance into TXVA will be sent to your IFC inbox via PM/DM.
3. Assuming that you qualify to join, take the written pilot entry exam. A link was sent via a PM on the IFC.
4. Apon passing the written exam, you will be sent a link to our discord server and gain access to our crewcenter.
5. Once you have joined the discord server, follow the directions in the welcome channel.

Thanks for taking some time to look through this thread. Your support is very much appreciated by the TXVA team.


Texas Virtual Airways (TXVA) is not a real airline, we provide no real air services like flights. We are a virtual airline on the mobile flight simulator Infinite Flight. TXVA became a certified VA by IFVARB on October 23, 2022.


Welcome to the VA/VO community!


Interesting! Might join soon


Thanks for guiding us through the process. Your hard work is very much appreciated by TXVA!


Will take the honor of being the first one taking the application!


Is a discord required?

Yes, this is our main form of communcation. Important information will be annonnced on our discord server.


Correct me if Iโ€™m wrong, but didnโ€™t Texas Airways merge with Continental?

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There is no such thing as Texas Airways in real life, to my knowledge, however Texas International Airlines was an actual airline in the real world who did end up merging with Continental.

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I applied last week


You had me at โ€œTexasโ€

Let me apply to this doohickey rightchere


This is all you @Aviation_Jerry! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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oh wait itโ€™s not for me lmao


Not the first of the first, there are already two pilots in, myself included and @TheAviation_YT.

Great VA! Iโ€™ve climbed the ranks so fast, and I am enjoying every second of flying with TXVA!


Looks like a great VA! Just to confirm, do pilots really need to fly for 500 hours just to be able to fly long-hauls?

Lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ I put your username at first then fixed it!

Congrats on the approval guys, welcome to the VA/VO community!

Great thread as well, good work!


Congrats on approval @TXVA ๐ŸŽ‰

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I was before you

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Yes, you will need to be a senior captain in order to fly our haul routes. However we do offer some long flight using our Boeing B757-200.