Howdy and good morning! (don’t care what time it is)

I’ve decided I’m going to fly from my new home in the Dallas, Texas area (a surrounding town) to my beloved childhood home of Anchorage, Alaska! This topic will cover the first leg of this amazing trek.

This is a reflection of an adventure I plan to make in real life

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(my town in the Dallas area which I won’t disclose) to KPWA (Oklahoma City)
Cessna 172

Woke up bright and early, got my coffee from a small business, and drove to the airport near my house. Got in my plane, taxied to the FBO, and gave my plane a refreshing drink.

And I’m off! I can’t wait to see my friends in Alaska who I haven’t seen in a year and a half.

Flying over one of the very cool huge lakes in the Dallas area.

Saying goodbye to the greatest nation in the world, as I cross the Red River into Oklahoma.

Oklahoma being somewhat interesting yet repetitive

🎶 you can alwayyyyys go around 🎶 It didn’t look right coming down so I didn’t wait until I was sideways, maybe sliding on the ground so I went around. if you don’t know the song go look it up, it’s great

The landing was a little less buttery than leg 2 was (leg 2 pics coming soon 👀)

rate i guess lol
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  • Waking up and refueling
  • And we’re off!
  • Cool lake
  • Bye Texas 👋
  • Oklahoma being the most interesting place on earth
  • Go around

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All pics were unedited

Thanks for looking at my flight, see you in the skies! ✈️


it is alright to reply 😂

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Nice shots

That lake ain’t so huge…

You haven’t seen it in person my guy. It also stretches way beyond the edges of the screenshot.

It’s so big the water moves like the ocean. An interstate runs over it for eight miles. A few miles north, there’s a smaller road that also runs over it for several miles. There are entire boat tour businesses that offer rides on the lake several hours long. It provides most of the water for Dallas AND its surrounding cities.

but nah it’s a small pond as you say, right?

Hey, PM or ping me when you do leg 3 or 4 I might join you, Also Fantastic Shots!!

Yes, a small pond compared to pond mead.

as an oklahoman i can tell you that oklahoma is one of the most boring states

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If anyone’s wondering, I flew leg 2 a few days ago and I will have a topic about it; I’ve just been at work and stuff and haven’t been able to grab screenshots and build a topic

I also tried doing leg 3 but I took off, climbed to 11,000 feet, left to do errands, and came back to see that I crashed into one random mountain that just happened to be in my flight path and 11,500 feet tall 💀 😂

So, leg 2 topic is coming soon, and I’m going to try to do leg 3 tomorrow because I’m off from work tomorrow

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