Texas Region Request

Texas Region, Including: KIAH, KHOU, KDFW, KDAL, KAUS, ETC.
Alaska Region. I think those 2 would be awesome. Anyone agree?


Thank you for your request. Please continue here:)

Any chance we’ll someday see a mid-Atlantic region that would include Washington (esp. DCA for the crazy river approach from the north/west) and maybe down to Richmond/up to Philly? It would be awesome to be able to eventually be able to fly commuter shuttles from DCA to LGA like the popular USAirways shuttle or others used to have years ago. I know inter regional flights aren’t yet possible but that will really make the sim feel like there’s a mission if we could fly regular short haul and maybe someday long haul flights.


This post may help @kevpalm . Be sure to use that search tool & stay on-topic:)

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