Texas DPS Cessna 208

The Texas DPS “Department of Public Safety” also known as the State Troopers have one of the largest aviation departments in the country. Their fleet includes 14 Airbus AS350 helicopters, 1 Airbus EC145 Helicopter, 4 Cessna 206 , 2 Cessna 208 Caravan, 2 Pilatus PC12, and a King Air 350. Their two Cessna 208’s are some of their most useful aircraft and they are used for a variety of missions that include but are not limited to border patrol, high speed chases, drug trafficking and many other. DPS also has 13 aviation bases across the state that ensure quick and quality service to city county and sate law enforcement assets including the State Troopers on the ground.

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DPS Aviation Bases

The Dallas base used to be at Mesquite Metro Airport KHQZ but it has been relocated to McKinney National Airport KTKI, as for the other bases I’m not sure exactly where they are located.

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DPS landing at the KAUS base

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