Testing the Physics

Aviation101 posted a video while they where flying out of big bear while a storm was coming and they had a serious crosswind. As they were cleared for takeoff the wind went to their tale giving them a strongtailwind, making them use almost half of the runway just to get enough speed to take off. I decided to test this and my result was exactly the same. Just thought yall might think it was cool that weather effects planes in game like in real

Video I copied off of: https://youtu.be/aOlSPtexCsA


It is cool and I do find it cool! It’s always fun to see how the aircraft handles in high crosswind and testing my ability to land like that on solo. In flight, it also makes it much more realistic.

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True! I experienced myself most of the bad pilots landing or takeoff errors with the tbm. All happens as described. It looks so real and accurate!

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I remember trying to takeoff in high crosswind for the first time and it was a disaster. But now I’m getting better at it the more I do it! It’s always a good skill to have especially when it’s unexpected!

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