Testing the new TBM 930.19.1

Hi there.
After one and a half month flying Airbuses for a living’ I was back to GA yesterday’ flying patterns in the brand new version of the TBM in Tarbes (tge 930.19.1)…
1/ wobbly takeoff
2/ turning right crosswind
3/ right downwind
4/ sort of landing…
5/ cooling down!


I hope you’ll enjoy the shots. Flying GA’s is definitely harder but worth the effort!


It has been a long time since I saw someone post the TBM, I liked it

Thanks! I guess with the replay, people realize how approximate their landings are :):):)
There are many more great shots to do with that aircraft!

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For sure, the competition for the best picture is on the rise.

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Love seeing the TBM getting some more attention. What an awesome plane 😍


What changes were made to the TBM in 19.1?
Your pictures are awesome btw!!

Very nice pictures!

I’m with @Hinata on this one: were there changes to the TBM in 19.1? I don’t recall seeing this in the release notes


Sorry there, I was just joking! The difference is the high res shots we can make now !!!
@Hinata, sorry too…
Thanks for reading though!

I haven’t flown the tbm in quite a while now. Might do a flight later today


Thanks! And sorry if you are disappointed there is no real upgrade!

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