Testing the New Camera, Mini Spotting at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Hi everyone!

Today, I went to the airport to quickly test out my Camera. Due to the weather, and since I was sick, I was really only able to stay about 30 minutes, and we came at the time where traffic is very slow. I Still Managed to snap pictures of two airplanes that arrived today. I liked how well the Pictures came out, what do you think?

I did not bring my Tripod, but these pictures did come out really good without it since I used the viewfinder

Camera: Canon SX60 HS

N327QS, an Embraer Phenom 300 taxiing to Signature after landing

Well looks like I caught the Pilot looking back. I don’t think he noticed me though…

This one is an awesome photo

An American Eagle ERJ145 on Final with N327QS turning to park at Signature

Coming in from Philadelphia, here we see N686AE taxiing to the gate after landing

Close up of the Tower

The tail of N686AE at the Gate


Embraer Phenom landing at KMHT

American Eagle landing at KMHT Sorry for the shakiness, I didn’t bring my tripod

Thanks for viewing my photos and have an awesome day

P.S. I am planning on going to Florida soon, I just have to know what days I will go. Stay tuned for when I have the Information!


Very nice photos you took today! What camera do you use?

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I used my Canon SX60 HS when I went to spot


That’s a really nice camera

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Aww… feel better soon. Same thing here.
Nice shots!

Where in Florida? I can give you some advice as I just spotted there.

What lens did you use?

It’s a point and shoot camera. Not a DSLR

Photos look good for a point and shoot

I have a Canon PowerShot sx720hs, is that similar?

Photos look really good! So does the video. Just need to use a tripod and it’ll be perfect.

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Cool! I’m actually on a UAL Express/Commutair flight monday night from newark to KMHT.

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@PotatoNick I’ll be working, and I can’t really bring my Camera at work (I could if I wanted to), what is your flight number and time of Arrival into MHT?

I work outside, if you tell me your Flight # and time, I could bring my camera and when the time comes, I’ll get it ready and take a picture of you flying overhead, Thats IF Manchester is using Runway 17 or if they’re on Left Downwind for Runway 24

Bruce Willis? It looks like it…

I love these pictures! Great work.

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