Testing my lens @KLAX

I decided to put my lens to the test. I had shutter priority on. These are all raw images I took at LAX last Tuesday. I know I am getting used to this not my best. Please reccomened the best shutter speed for Canon rebel t5i

All the cool pictures need to be converted to jpg :( I will fix that once I get an SD reader for my iPad.

This will be more common for me, the humidity will bring alot of cool engine vape shots.


Not bad at all brother, keep up the good work.

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wow the engines here look really nice


Thanks I appreciate it bro 🤙 I was testing it out. I will try again soon.

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Nice! Cool Pictures


That’s where I go planespotting too! Nice photos!

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beautiful shots
keep up the hard work

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Nice shots! 🤙🏼

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Tasty shots. Awesome pictures

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they seem a bit blue, but have nice quality

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I think it’s the fog.

The color looks little bit strange, to be honest

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