Testing if we will crash with airplane mode off...

Well im alive and I forgot to turn it off so I turned it into a test and im alive so I call bull when they say turn airplane mode on XD


It’s a safety thing, I am not 100% sure why we turn it off. There was a cross air crash, when looking through the tape it picked up a mobile phone being used

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If I remember correctly what I read the reason behind turning the phone off is to prevent the frequency of the phone from disrupting the ILS frequency. Really this disruption doesn’t happen except on final.


I never turn aeroplane mode on


Well the alaska flight 67 jet landed ‘the one im on’ was completely ils and airplane mode was off

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I turn it on just to prevent mad roaming charges being applied to my bill.


You would also think they would find a was “if it interferes with the ILS approach” but I see no problem…

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What? AS67 was in Sitka then Juneau, both airports are at 10SM, no ILS needed today.

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Hmm ur right but I never turn it on when on foggy approach Ketchikan to runway 11 hmm so what do u think happened?

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Hmm, I do like myself some rhetorical questions, since you’re still posting, I would assume that you survived. Airplane mode is instituted to prevent freak occurrences.

If you would like to risk it, there is no one stopping you. I mean, you won’t have a lot of time to think about the planeload of passengers you killed because you’re plummeting to the ground too if some freak interference happened between your phone and the aircraft systems.


Full load man ill die in the name of science jk I was only testing it for like 2 flights and im off to anchorage now XD

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I believe that it’s to do with Radio pollution. If you have under ten people who forgot to put their phone on airplane mode (probably the average), it’s not going to cause that much of a problem, which would be why you didn’t crash. But, if you imagine six hundred people with their phones on (without the airplane mode rule) you could see how that would pollute the radio


It takes more people with the same mindset of seeing it in suh a way where there is no need to turn on the airplane mode.

You may contribute to the swiss chesse model and if such an event is allowed to happen and that the holes on the cheese aligns, a failure will happen and then who ever involved in the incident will become a statistic.

No one really wants to test if doing something causes a chain reaction especially in aviation due to the risk. If it works, lets not touch it.


Like @Ben_Schenk said, the reason you are required to turn your phone onto airplane mode is because the celluar signals emitted from your device can interfere with the radio transmitters onboard the plane. I found this out the hard way on a flight from Sydney to Dallas.

I was onboard QF7, a Qantas A380 on my way to Dallas. I was super tired from a concert the night before and completely forgot to turn on airplane mode. During the takeoff climb, I received a text from one of my friends. I thought nothing else but to respond, and soon it turned into a full on conversation. A few minutes later, the Captain came over the PA and told us that someone’s device was interfering with ATC’s commands. He asked us to check our devices and make sure they were switched to flight mode. I instantly realised that I was having a conversation with my friend over text messages and felt like a complete fool. After turning on flight mode, the rest of the flight was uneventful. I’m just lucky I wasn’t caught. Goodness knows what would’ve happened to me :)

Make sure to turn flight mode on as you never know, you could interfere with communications, just like I did. Definitely DO NOT leave or turn flight mode off on purpose.


@bensonb is completely correct.

In addition, turning your devices completely during takeoff and landing is a safety precaution. No power means no music on your ears. In that way, if there is an emergency announcement of the flight attendants want your attention for whatever reason, they can be sure everyone is paying attention.


If you hold your device next to a microphone or an aerial on a radio you will hear the data synchronisation transmissions as the device registers and polls the local radio masts for a signal.

If the device cannot find a mast it will go into high power data transmit mode in the attempt to locate a signal. It does this for a short period of time as the power drain is significant.

What happens on board an aircraft is that the data transmission signal comes across our radios loud and clear! It’s extremely annoying especially as those down the back ignore requests and seem to know better than those flying the aircraft.

Yes it is annoying, yes it interferes (not with the ILS as that is way more powerful than your phone) and yes I have made PA’s telling people to turn off their devices as they are interfering.

Why ‘experiment’ if you have no clue as to what’s being interfered with? It’s beyond me at times!


Well it doesn’t hurt to see what happens anyway

I thought it was with like when a transmission is occurring the phone doesn’t interfere

Not using airplane mode once might not harm anything, but it’ll interfere with things if everyone were to do it every flight.

Know what, when I go over with my high school bball team ill have them die with me