Testing GA plane?

Hi guys, i have just spotted Laura Labán on a flight and i noticed that she is at a certain General aviation gates. does this mean a small new aircraft ?


Also this is what it looked like on the map

We do not really know, and we do not really need to speculate, spawn where she is!


You never know would it could be… It’s obviously an A350 XWB😂 but yer seriously we don’t know but if she’s being realistic then yes but we can’t just assume cause then we will have people going around is this and that and possibly spreading wrong information around

Let’s just wait for the update on the timeline. Could be anything.

And until then:
Nobody knows…

the trouble i have seen

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Now this is what the icon has changed too. Maybe a private jet

The A 350 on small airport

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Everything is possible if you try!

Nobody knows

My sorrow


The problem here is that you give conclusions too quickly.

If you looked carefully at my post… I was being sarcastic aha. I’m only joking around 😂😂

It was sarcasm, of course I’m stupid.

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3 aircraft are in the works, so one could easily be a GA. Nothing much more we can add other than what he’s already said. Stay tuned to the announcements category.

“Aircraft are in the works! We currently have 3 aircraft in development that should all be released over the course of this year.” - Jason


I saw that too and am very excited regardless of what it is

It’s a nice VFR route too.

And she used grass runways! 😀

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