Testing Etiquette for New Controllers

Sorry I’m busy then-Thanks for the offer-Could we sort out a different time/date pephaps?

Also do you have any idea how long it will take and what airport it will be from? What excatly will you be judging me on? Thanks Again

The practical is based on how you respond to certain calls, how quickly you respond to them (based on the amount of traffic), what order the calls are made in and how you deal with incoming aircraft and aircraft on the ground at the same time. Simple stuff if you know what you’re doing. I’ll message to organize a time that works for both of us.

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Thankyou very Much! You wouldn’t happen to know what “transition” is would you?

Transition is when you fly over an active airport, you would request transition, and the controller will tell you an altitude that you have to stay above. Only request this if you are just passing through @BBJMAX


Thanks a lot

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Could i please have the written test if that’s okay

I firmly agree with the need for maturity. I would think that the developers/owners would insist on it. They wouldn’t want users spreading bad reports about a horrible experience with ATC. The pilots want a fun and realistic app. Just keep monitoring and when you hear of a rogue user observe them to confim and then instruct one-on-one to help correct the action.


** :grinning: you would do good in that area Thomas…well done…**


hy, great job, now i whant to report an atc guy, how can i do it?

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hello sir, atc ignoring player, giving wrong instructions, and after all this, he is telling me to read the atc guidnence!:-) any chance for me to fly in same condition like so many other guys? or is this atc only for iffg admins or for iffg atc guys? do they pay more than me or what? is it hard to believe that some other pilots here knows the rules? probably even better then some recruits? if atc whants respect, they must show some respect too! this is an really serios matter to me, and if i do say something, all i get back is “was just an mistacke”! it was not, i tell u! manny examples, many cases, no resilults nothing! isnt atc controled by devs?

@Tyler_Shelton. When could I take the written test to become and ATC I do believe I’m ready and it would be nice to control where people actually follow direction and altitude recommendations


I would like to test to become a controller.

Raleigh “IcyHot” Randolph

Hi. I have been on the ATC playground for a while and have become very comfortable as a controller. I’d like to begin on becoming an advanced controller. Thanks!

You guys should really look at pinned posts. Hint: they’re at the top of the homepage ;)


No testing at the moment, an official announcement will be made when we resume testing.


While I started in IF piloting planes, I have found a love for ATC and find I am spending many more hours controlling on the playground server than flying. I would enjoy greatly taking this to the next step in the IF community.

Thanks for making such a great app ☺️

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Can you test me please? I am free anytime today. Thanks in advance!

They will post when the test is open :)

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