Test your aviation knowledge =)


Just a little heads up,all the registrations are in the picture.

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I know, it’s a hint for those you don’t know ;) but next time I won’t show it :P


this is a duplicate


Not necessarily a duplicate, these are airline tails, These are different airlines and requires different answers.


This is guess the aircraft which is the topic Delta319 linked.

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It’s 100% the same. You asked us to guess what the aircraft liveries were. That is a topic already made.

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Yup, But these are DIFFERENT airlines :) = different answers + the other topic is closed.


no. completely 100% false.


I’ve done that one a million times, it’s a duplicate. If a mod could close this…


That isn’t a valid point.



Thats part 1.part 2 is not closed

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Here’s the open thread


So as I said above, if a mod could close this plz

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No need for all this hate, a moderator surely knows his job, you shouldn’t tell him what he is supposed to do,should you? :)

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Yes please patience, don’t rush anyone just wait.
They will be around eventually, they have lives you know


I was never upset, I wanted @Canadian1337 to stop rushing a mod to close this. I assume you were replying to @Canadian1337


OH OooOps sorry ;) same profile picture, have a wonderful day =)

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It will be closed =) are you happy now?

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