Test your aviation knowledge =)

Hello everyone!! Here are some Airline tails pictures, all you need to do is guess the tails shown below to which airline they belong to =) No cheating please. Enjoy!!

image image image
Let’s see who can guess all right ;)

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  1. Kuwait
  2. Sri Lankan
  3. Air Arabia
  4. Xiamen
  5. MEA
  6. Thomas Cook

1.kuwait airways
2. Sri lanka airlines
3. Air arabia
4. xiamen airlines
5. Middle east airlines
6. Thomas cook


Just a little heads up,all the registrations are in the picture.

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I know, it’s a hint for those you don’t know ;) but next time I won’t show it :P

this is a duplicate

Not necessarily a duplicate, these are airline tails, These are different airlines and requires different answers.

This is guess the aircraft which is the topic Delta319 linked.

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It’s 100% the same. You asked us to guess what the aircraft liveries were. That is a topic already made.

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Yup, But these are DIFFERENT airlines :) = different answers + the other topic is closed.

no. completely 100% false.

I’ve done that one a million times, it’s a duplicate. If a mod could close this…

That isn’t a valid point.

Thats part 1.part 2 is not closed

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Here’s the open thread


So as I said above, if a mod could close this plz

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No need for all this hate, a moderator surely knows his job, you shouldn’t tell him what he is supposed to do,should you? :)

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Yes please patience, don’t rush anyone just wait.
They will be around eventually, they have lives you know

I was never upset, I wanted @Canadian1337 to stop rushing a mod to close this. I assume you were replying to @Canadian1337