Test your aviation knowledge - community study test

I’ve been thinking about how much this community knows about aviation.
During the last 3 weeks I’ve been setting this form with numerous questions from all areas of expertise of aviation together.
Now, I am pleased I can present you this final version of my study test:

The test consists of 4 parts:

  • Airplanes
  • Airports
  • Air traffic controlling
  • Live behavior & Handling with ATC instructions

I hope you enjoy the test and please do not use the internet for research. This test asks for your real knowledge and not for the knowledge of an encyclopaedia. Use your own brain, otherwise the test has no sense and does not really give information about what you know and that’s the only goal with this form.

If you don’t know an answer, just make a wild guess!
I will post the answers as well as the statistics here in one week.


Good luck! :)


I think I got my name and maybe the age right. Lol


Got at least 5 right

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Stuck at 57%! Just woke up!!

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Caffeine starts your brain.
Trust me.

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Copy! Working on it now 😎

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signed “iCoffeeCat”

Are you from Switzerland? As far as I know the term “Jumbolino” is only common in Switzerland ;)

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I need to do more studying…

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I can’t open it

Me too, been saying that for 50 years and it is still just as true, one can never learn everything (just) by studying, however combined with application comes experience, sequence memory tasking, and most of all confidence in your Training and Experience!

My experience 😎

I’m german and I always say Jumbolino, either it’s just me or it’s common to say that here as well.

When it breaks and resets halfway through the last question…

Blame it on google :D. I’m responsible for the content only

Ummmm, just checked your answers… Multiple choices CAN be possible in the last part of the test. Probs forgot to mention that :I

When do we get the results?

(In topic description)

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Thanks, along with a personal score or not?

I’ll take that into consideration, might take longer then though :/

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