Test Spotting at Garfield County Rgnl (KRIL)

Recently, I got an actual camera for spotting so I went up to KRIL to test it out. I got quite a bit of chain link fence because I don’t yet know all the focus features and stuff on it but for my first time I’d say it wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately, the pictures ended up being edited because when I was about to leave I was stopped by some people from the FBO who said I’d have to blur all tail numbers or delete the pictures. Here they are


Amazing pictures! Really love the background landscape.

Well done and thanks for sharing!


I like the chinook and the TBM :)

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Those are some really cool photos! It looks like there is a lot of TBMs there

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Yeah, we get a lot of private turboprops here. It was the same TBM though. It wasn’t very busy so I got multiple pictures.

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Ooh! It still looks cool though!

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Awesome shots fellow RIL spotter!!! It’s so nice to see other people’s photos from a familiar location.

I am a bit upset with the people at the FBO because they have changed so much over the past year. I know all of the people who work out there and they’ve become so unfriendly to spotters and guests. They can’t make you blur or delete the photos and there’s really nothing they can do about it. Hopefully they will change that in the future. Rant over 🙂

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OMG that Chinook looks amazing.

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Huge upgrade from the grainy S8 😂
Nice shots my guy

A very nice upgrade indeed 👌

Even the fence is fine though lol. Thanks for sharing!

Cool shots! What camera did you get?

Ahhh man I love that CH-47 Chinook!!!

Sorry for the late reply I was out camping. To answer you question though, I took these with a Canon Rebel T7 with a 75-300mm zoom lens.

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