Test something ...

Global flight possibly 🤔

Ok… You ruined the hype… ;)

Oh man, how much will the floating point let my aircraft shake when flying into another region? D:

Didn’t know you were part of the dev team.

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I think the plane will go completely ballistic, nuts, insane at speeds over Mach 23 😂

SEE THATS WHAT IM SAYING…that’s the picture with the map behind it. That’s why I think the video he posted of the new feature is just a background…

Thank you, thank you…I will be here all week.

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Well Tyler_Shelton did say that it’s going to be a great year for Infinite Flight and Matt also said that his eyes have seen things that we would like 😏


I hope you know they have to say stuff like that to create excitement. They aren’t gonna just say there’s nothing happening this year…they’re obviously gonna say its going to be exciting.

Today will be a slow year guys. Just a heads up.


Lol yeah, I wonder how that would work out for them.

I think the devs have a surprise for us😄😃

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I think the top comment has cracked it…

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Hahaha the earthquake feature! I knew this was coming someday ;)


Do you know more than us?

Just as much as the next guy…nothing.

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no i’m not from the dev team ^^

I’m only talking about the content of the picture. Its only a full map for the moment… I wish more matt’s posts regarding the global flight :)

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but i think a number of flights with a some numbers of hour have to be add in the servers restrictions.

Its like a newbie take off from KHAF for the first time, he made a flight of 20h00 with maybe 7000xp points and remade another flight, then he can access the advanced with only 2-3 long flights and maybe unknow knowledge in ATC… Watchout Playground. Peanuts is back!

No point and fun on global flights then…really

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Worldwide race😂

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Start at Sydney and race to Honolulu via Heathrow and JFK!