Test requirement to progress to next grade

Sometimes we all make mistakes, so if someone messes up on their test, I don’t belive it should hold them back a grade and limit their aircrafts

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I understand that tests may help people learn what to do. I was implying that a test does not force someone to use commands or fly correctly once they have advanced to the next grade. While most people do use commands and fly correctly there will always be those who make the conscious decision to not call in or fly in an unfriendly manner.

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I like the idea, but also as Chris said earlier, it’s nit fun flying x hours to get to the next plane, what would be great is a little testing, because I have watched many of the toturials, but still get something wrong (stuck in grade 2 until tomorrow) so i would have like the testing so if I get reported I’m only out for 12 or 24 hours instead of an week because they know I’m professional, so I get back to where I think I should be in a less time

Point is that we foucus on what’s necessary to be a well qualified pilot in IF

Like I menationd above, Pilots can take the test again after a week and have 5 attempts to take the test.

I mentioned above that the type rating procedure could be introduced for a PC version of IF if ever introduced and the new grading system could actually be put into action

How does a PC version make a difference?


I do see the purpose of this topic, but people grade on experience. Sure, people do make mistakes (violations and ghots) but I wouldn’t like this. Not a good idea financially or customer-wise, as IF would most likely lose customers.

It would simply add more realism to the simulator, and if you’re flying on a PC it means you got time in your hands.

That’s not quite the case, look on the positive side. This will attract a lot of aviation enthusiasts and moreover help non aviation enthusiasts learn better. After all I dont think that someone who doesn’t love aviation would buy infinite flight. And what’s the point in having a grade 3,4 and 5 badge if you do not know how to master flying? Keeping these tests will help people feel prouder for achieving that badge because they know that they’ve worked hard enough for it and they deserve it

I still don’t think that this should be added /:

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Yes it is a simulator but not full real life. This feature is unnecessary.

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The idea here is simple, those who want to learn more and make things more challenging will support this and those who fear this system being afraid they will fail and are too lazy to learn more will oppose this

While it’s a good Idea, I dont think this should be implemented into the sim. Players have to pay $5 to download the app, then pay another monthly subscription of $10. Maybe I sound like a cheapskate but if I were a new player and paying my hard earned money towards a virtual sim I would want access to all aircraft instantly. I am not complaining that this sim costs money because it is “the best of the best” and I understand the devs on the other end need to make a living too. In my opinion there would be less of a player base if this was in the sim.

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I see that you’re talking about the type rating system here, I’ve mentioned above that type rating could be used for a PC version and a new grading system could be implemented. You would have all the aircrafts present there but only need to pass a test to progress to the next higher grade

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