Test requirement to progress to next grade

Hey there everyone!
Well, a couple hours back I was just thinking about Infinite FLight and it’s possibilities, i don’t know if anyone’s thought about this yet, but this hit my head.

Everyone knows how pilots are given new grades and also pilots are allowed to access all kinds of aircrafts in one go.
What I’ve been thinking is that this system could be changed and improvised.

So basically what I’ve thought is that, the developers could make an automated system or maybe appoint specific people where pilots have to give a test once they’ve accumulated certain hours to gain access to the next higher grade. This will really help the pilot themselves know if they are worthy of this grade.
The test can be carried out on the basis of:

1.how the pilot handles his aircraft
2. How the pilot reacts to the ATC commands given to him.

Just by taking these two factors into consideration it will be a huge help to IFATC and also help improvise the knowledge of the pilot.
If the pilot fails he could take a retest within a week or so and the pilot can be given about 5 attempts to pass this test.

My other idea is the idea of introducing type rating for different aircrafts on IF for PC if ever there’s a PC version out for it.
So as the pilot goes on accumulating his hours flown, he should also be restricted to the aircrafts he could access. As the pilot accumulated more hours, he can be given access to different kinds of aircrafts and learn about them better. This will greatly help a pilot fly a particular aircraft much better rather than downloading all kinds of aircrafts and playing around with them.

This is what’s been in my mind lately and taking this into consideration that infinite flight is a simulator, introducing something like this would really add some next level realism to this great software putting aside working cockpits and other things that people are constantly asking about.

I just want to say that if the new grading system is introduced it would be really helpful to a lot of people and help them gain more knowledge than before and also this would reduce the amount of ghostings and reports.
Thank you!


While I like the idea of a test for the next grade, I don’t at all agree with the type rating. In Infinite Flight, you’re supposed to have fun, and if you are stuck with one aircraft until you can get your next type rating, that doesn’t sound too fun to me. Infinite Flight isn’t about restricting which aircraft one can use. What if a brand new user wants to fly from Denver to Munich? Well, using this system, they couldn’t.

Overall: Grade Test could potentially be good. But in my opinion, not the type rating.


Thank you for the kind words @MrMrMan :)


Move this to feature and I’ll vote for ya! Nothing’s more exciting than more challenge and pressure applied, then feeling good with pride for that well earned 4 stripes beside your name, let’s all start from scratch! (Grades not affected).

Might be more suited for a serious sepparate server tho, as “limited play” could deter younger (yes, and older) players from downloading IF, but many flight enthusiasts of all ages I guess will jump to this idea?

One day… one day…

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Thank you for your suggestion man, I would move it to features if I was allowed to, I don’t see the option for me to post in features yet :)

Well, it’s a great idea though, I know some people are using this method in their VA and/or VO. But, since there’re some huge age, knowledge, understanding of aviation differences among pilots and air traffic controllers in Infinite Flight. I am not saying here that Infinite Flight players are not professional, I am saying that Infinite Flight create a great chance that let more people in different level of there flying skills and knowledge be able to enjoy in the Sky that Infinite Flight provides. It will be hard for a lot of players to get the the certain grade. Also, move this to the features section please and thank you!

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Guys, check his TL before telling him to change it to #features. He is TL1 and not TL2, so he can’t and is therefore not allowed to post there yet. Neither do I as a Regular have the right to do that when he is TL1. Also, mind that he actually said once that he can’t/isn’t allowed…


Testing/AI/etc has been requested in some fashion over the years in various feature requests. I think it comes down to the problem you are trying to solve. Quality, Trolls, etc.

To me tests are punishing the people who follow the rules by giving them one more obstacle in their way to be able to fly. Taking a test does not make me behave any differently after I passed. I passed my drivers test but do I sometimes go over the speed limit, yes. The same would happen with flying. We have grade 5 pilots who have never used an ILS, etc. Having the system look at every little aspect of my flight, or some sort of AI, takes the freedom out of flying and I fear would cause a drop-off of users. Some don’t fly on expert because of the fear of being reported. Some don’t fly on Training or Expert for the fear of violations. While on paper tests look like a good solution, what problem does it solve and what overhead effort does it create?

The type rating is interesting but when I think back to one of the things I did not like about other simulators before trying Infinite Flight was that I had to level up to get to the next plane. While some appreciate the challenge I appreciate the freedom to choose. With the in app purchases gone you get it all with your subscription instead of 1 plane that you have to fly for xxx hours before moving up to another.

I know I say the same responses in these types of threads but I think ideas are good to think about but you should consider the business/marketing side as well.


Hey @Chris_S , really glad to have your response. Talking about the test to achieve a new grade, it will help a lot of pilots gain better knowledge in flying and also help ease out the stress for an controller, you being an IFATC controller will be able to understand this better that how many people have to be reported because They do not know how to respond to the instructions and don’t know how to follow them.
By having this test method introduced pilots will not only have a better understanding of flying, but also know how to deal with different situations better and most importantly co-operate with the controllers even more better.
Let’s look on the bright side of this test and not as a punishment. You would have see often after a pilot is reported by a controller, they rush here and begin an argument session with the controller hoping that the controller was wrong and their ghost can be revived and they also complain and make a fuss about it telling ‘sorry I cannot fly on the expert server with you I’ve been ghosted and am on grade 2😂’. By having this test system we won’t have to see such things anymore and also pilots will be confident enough to fly on the expert server after this and not fear about getting ghosted.
Again infinite flight is a simulator and adding such small features will attract more aviation enthusiasts into the business, also i don’t know any other simulator that has this feature and I’m really sure we will have better pilots with better knowledge with this system introduced.

About your comment on the type rating, I totally agree to your opinion and maybe that could be introduced when infinite flight comes out for PC.

Hey @youngblood. This is why there are tutorials.

How many people watch tutorials? I can sure you and tell you that 80% of the people watch the first few minutes or the beginning of the tutorial and just quit because they aren’t understanding something.

I would like to say the tutorials were created in a very simplified form to allow everyone to understand. I’m sure that you guessed 80% but I find that mind boggling and an over exaggeration.

See buddy, it’s not really about the tutorials you know, it’s more of adding realism to the simulator and attract more aviation enthusiasts. Even for the tutorials, even if everyone watches them, there’s always some part in the tutorial that they don’t understand, take me as an example here. The ATC tutorials by @Tyler_Shelton were really useful and understandable, but at some point, there were some parts that I really couldn’t understand until i took the IFATC test myself and @anon66442947 helped me understand. Same rule applies here bud, it helps people learn better. Hope you got the jist of it.

I agree with you but if someone doesn’t understand there are many threads on the forum and many users who are happy to help with any question you have. Those were the options I resorted to.

It sounds like a good idea but the only problem is that infinite flight would just be ripping there customers off if they incorporated a system that limited you from flying certain aircraft. 1 month for $10.00 when your limited for aircraft to fly and it pretty much takes away the whole concept of “Global” for example say I wanted to fly KJFK-EHAM I couldn’t really do that if I am limited to an aircraft such as the 737 or A320. It takes away the point of global and it takes away the fun. The first point you made was pretty good but I am not to sure about the other one.


Agree to your point there Michael, how about introducing that system for a PC version of IF if it’s ever out and keeping the new grading system?

I have to agree with @Gman. Limiting a person to only one aircraft, and then moving up as you go isn’t exactly getting your money’s worth if you ask me. 🤔


Hey guys I’ve edited the post because not many were happy with the type rating system and made it an option for a PC version of IF if it’s ever out

Hey @CaptJJ this post is now on #features it would be great to have your vote😃

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I agree with testing to a point, maybe only for the expert server.

As for the other, I think it would be a very bad idea. 1 because it would take away from the joy of the GAME. 2 because most of us would be limited to a very small if not single aircraft. As I garuntee you do not have any NATOPS instructors here to test us out appropriately on these military aircraft. And I know very little about commercial. 3 are you actually going to test them correctly? How do they handle emergencies? How do they calculate fuel burn, power settings, dump procedures, VMCA2 speeds, V1 cuts, do they know their emergency frequencies, on and on and on and so forth.