Test my ATC skills @ EGLL

Test my atc skills
Take off runway 27R
Landing runway 27L
Please give feedback
It’s on EGLL

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Initial feedback:

Don’t have a takeoff runway and a landing runway. It doesn’t work in IF.

You’re gonna make those planes that spawn south of 27L cross the entire field, passing 27L along the way to get to 27R, while you create a bottleneck at 27L for everyone trying to land. You have multiple runways. Use them.

[Yes, I know “in real life…”, but we’ve been through this a million times. In real life, airports have Clearance/Delivery, etc, along with ATC coverage the entire way. That’s not the case in IF and it simply doesn’t work.]


I wish I could help you, but I’m acting as an ATC (Ground/Tower) at KONT. But listen to @Tim_B All my best man! We never stop learning! :) (I have about 1.5k ops but I’m not sure).


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