Test my abilities at KSFO (Ground) PG [Closed]

Ok thank.u

How much time do you plan to keep Ground and Tower open?

Ok, so right off the bat, when an aircraft requests to taxi, you want to assign which runway to use. You only use Continue Taxi if you told an aircraft to Hold Position.


Half hour or so

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Good tip thanks


Here’s something to help you out.

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So, since you’re using 01L, once an aircraft requests taxi, you should respond with “Taxi runway 01L, contact tower when ready.”


One last thing, When an aircraft requests taxi to parking, you respond with “Taxi to Parking.” NOT “Continue Taxi” unless you ordered him to “Hold Position”

Im presuming you want someone to do patterns whilst you do ATC?

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I will stop by and fly around a bit.

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Who is controlling Tower?? I have gone around twice because he doesn’t cleared me >:(

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Now for the fifth time >:(

What tower r u trying to contact

SFO only has one tower frequency to choose from in IF…

Sorry if this is out of topic but…
I’m Grade 2 >:(
He didn’t cleared me, I went around and I send him an inbound to see if he give me the cleared and he did :)
but when I was at 200 feet from the ground, he change the runway and my game froze. Then I waited and I appeared at the end of the runway. I exit the game and got 3 violations!!! Now I’m soooo maaadddd!!!

Im going to log off what is my first rating i know it wont be good

Anyway, here some feedback, remember to use the give away command and also what @Robertdiaz123 said XD
I’m going to leave you a link to a video that will help you understand. Creator: Tyler Shelton

P.S. I’m not good explaining things, Sorry…

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How did i do my first i know i half to improve but how do i know if i qualified for other atc on other servers

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Well, right now you can only control on ATC Playground. To be able to control in Advance server, you have to take a test. Here is a link explaining everything
Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

Thank you alot