Test my abilities at KSFO (Ground) PG [Closed]

I’m looking fro someone to test me at kfso ground tower. I’m on play ground server

What do you mean by that?

Do you mean to test your abilities???

He wants us to go to KFSO and taxi and pushback so he can train. I’ll come now

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I’m coming…

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Yes please i would like to qualify for advanced server atc

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Ok thank.u

How much time do you plan to keep Ground and Tower open?

Ok, so right off the bat, when an aircraft requests to taxi, you want to assign which runway to use. You only use Continue Taxi if you told an aircraft to Hold Position.


Half hour or so

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Good tip thanks


Here’s something to help you out.

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So, since you’re using 01L, once an aircraft requests taxi, you should respond with “Taxi runway 01L, contact tower when ready.”


One last thing, When an aircraft requests taxi to parking, you respond with “Taxi to Parking.” NOT “Continue Taxi” unless you ordered him to “Hold Position”

Im presuming you want someone to do patterns whilst you do ATC?

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I will stop by and fly around a bit.

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Who is controlling Tower?? I have gone around twice because he doesn’t cleared me >:(

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Now for the fifth time >:(

What tower r u trying to contact

SFO only has one tower frequency to choose from in IF…