Test Flying the A320!

Hi IFC! Yesterday, I decided to take the Lufthansa A320 out for a spin in Berlin. But this was no ordinary flight - normally I use my phone, but I decided to try flying on my tablet! The flight went great, and I would definitely recommend tablet flying to anyone who is undecided on whether to use it, or a phone. Here are my photos:

Flight Info
Server: Expert
Flight time: 45 Minutes
Aircraft: Lufthansa Airbus 320


Spawned in as an Asiana 350 lands

Revving up the engines - Cleared for departure!

Gracefully lifting off as a UPS A330F lines up.

Turning East for some maneuvering

Gotta love the A320!

On final as an unseen 77W takes off. I was just about to go around, but he cleared the runway before then.

A safe landing back in Berlin!

Thank you for viewing, and I’ll see y’all in the skies!