Test Flight for Chengdu Tianfu International Airport a Success

On January 22, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport (TFU/ZUTF) welcomed 6 civil airliners for test flights. In the morning, the flagships of some major Chinese carriers, including China Southern Airlines’ A380, Sichuan Airlines’ A330, Air China’s Boeing 747-8 and China Eastern’s Boeing 777-300ER, took off from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and arrived at Chengdu Tianfu International Airport. The two airports are about 75 kilometers apart and the flight takes about 18 minutes.
The runway for testing (01/19) is the runway of highest grade (4F category) and the only runway at ZUTF that can accommodate the Airbus A380.
Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, as a national aviation hub planned for the 13th Five-Year Plan, is 1.8 times the size of Shuangliu T2, second only to Beijing Daxing International Airport, and can meet the demand of 90 million passengers per year. The test flight is a comprehensive test of the airport’s flight procedures, communication and navigation equipment, runway and taxiway systems, ramp facilities and equipment, as well as comprehensive security capabilities, and is an important precondition for industry acceptance and the validation of aeronautical information. the arrival of six passenger aircraft means that the airport has taken a big step forward towards the start of operations.
At present, the main project and supporting facilities of Tianfu International Airport are basically completed, and the terminal finishing is in full swing. After the airport comes into operation, Chengdu will become the third city in the mainland China to have two international airports after Beijing and Shanghai.

Air China B747-8 (B-2486) credit: Boeing

China Eastern B777-300ER CIIE livery (B-2002) credit: Boeing

Lucky Air B737-800 (B-7992) credit: Boeing

Sichuan Airlines A330-300 Universiade livery (B-5945) credit in photo

China Southern A380-800 (B-6136) credit in photo

Chengdu Airlines Comac ARJ21 (B-603P) credit in photo

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Do I smell more work to do? Also it’s a fake MD80! I always thought those were cute even if they were outdated before they ever sold.


That’s a giant task and with no available imagery lol (like Daxing Int’l)

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I am very excited to see that they are adding a second international airport. This one has quite the size to it too! Did you know the terminals were made into the shape of the Sunbird, the official logo for Chengdu? I wonder what Air China will do regarding the new airport. With a massive presence at ZUUU it will surely be interesting if they plan to move operations to the new airport. We know that so far China Southern is hoping to expand their southwestern Chinese market in Chengdu and Tianfu is a great start for the company!

In addition, Air China is expected massive growth in the market as early as 2025. With an approximated 150 aircraft being added to Chengdu Region for now. Air China also said they have invested 941 million on Tianfu to build a base. It is unclear if that means new routes in supplement to Shuangliu or if this base will replace the hub occupied at ZUUU.


They are said to gradually shift their flights to the new airport in the first year of operation (starting from this summer)

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That is quite exciting! That means more growth over @AirChinaVirtual! Lets hope this imagery comes quickly so we can explore the beautiful region of Chengdu with new flights!


Hope Infinite Flight can add this airport.

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gotcha covered

Google has imagery for the floor, and I’m starting work with it


You mean ARJ21?

i believe i have this as a phoenix model

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