Tesla Model X tows Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner

Usually I would expect an electric car to just burn out because of all the energy but surprisingly it is amazing how they balanced the acceleration levels to actually tow this beauty.

This isn’t actually that hard

Manual pushback by hand - YouTube

Any car could easily do this and if you got enough of them, humans could push a 787

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Only question this raises for me, is that if a Tesla can do this and a Toyota can pull the space shuttle…

Then why are the (I totally forget what they are technically called) push car things at airports so specialized in terms of how much power, and weight to make things easier… A Tesla is surely much cheaper, and while I am not proposing that we start using Tesla’s as a push back car thingy. But it does seem that the tugs are maby over compincating…?

My 1989 Hyundai Excel can do this. Not impressed.

They are mainly used to “push” planes away from the gates. Hence Push Back Tugs

The Tesla can just about pull the plane. It can’t do the most necessary function nor would it be safe to use. Using a Tesla on an airport is something that makes very little sense.

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No, no, no, maby I did not make this clear enough, but I was simply saying that if a consumer car can do this the tugs seem a little over kill… And frankly I may be wrong about that too, but I was in no way recommending using a Tesla at an Airport…

Remember the time a Porsche pulled the Air France a380? Yeah, soon everybody wants to pull a plane for advertising. When somebody tows a cruise ship (somehow) then I will start clapping.

Anyone know the song name? i’m in love with the beat but shazam wont work…

Wow, that is amazing!

Really surprising. You don’t see those everyday. Look how far Tesla has come! :O

Saw this…very impressive!

Impressive but not surprising, Electric motors are stronger than their gas powered counterparts.

What would burn out?
The tires or battery?

You mean this one? :)

Amazing, now I am just sad that Tesla doesn’t operate in India (but even if it did, bad roads+won’t follow lane etiquette type drivers=a ruined car. Besides, the car horns would be blown out (Indian drivers use the car horn around 365 times more often than German drivers))
I feel like a fool to have found out that the Nissan pickup which saved a plane was an ad, today only.

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Next Up: Mini Cooper Tows Antonov 225.

That’s Cool Though.

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I looked it up. It’s not that, unless it’s a remix…

I still think this is a bit meh for two reasons. 1) Electric powered vehicles are EXTREMELY strong, for example electric trains can pull way more weight than a 787. 2) The majority of the first cars were electric, as petrol/diesel had not been invented yet. So really, this is just marketing.

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Impressive but I one saw a guy pull an 18 wheeler with his teeth. I’m sure my Ford Focus can do this 😉

This was amazing, I posted it in the little Aussie group chat yesterday. Simply outstanding work!
Would’ve been good to see the Tesla rolling up to speed, to see how it handled its torque.