Tesla Model X tows Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner

May 14, 2018
Now this is amazing. A Tesla Model X tows a Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner, which is a lot more heavier than the Tesla (obviously), but I’m just amazed at how the car was actually able to pull such an airplane. It was empty so that might’ve played a role as to why it was very easy to pull.

See for yourself:


Really impressive to see what Tesla can do. Maybe you should buy me one. 😉


While cool and all, they just have to overcome friction at rest. The toyota tundra pulled the space shuttle. You have strength competitions where people pull planes. Welcome to marketing.


Yeah this is nothing new. Cars have huge towing capabilities.
The Toureg has done it with a B747 and recently a Porsche did it. Also the new LR Discovery pulled a road train of trucks


All of those cars have Gas Motors, but this is an electric car. Very impressive to see technology evolving in cars :)

That’s pretty cool but

An airport tow truck does that all the time.

But… that’s an aircraft tow truck. You don’t see civilian cars doing that job every day

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Think of it, any car with similar horsepower compared to a medium sized pushback tug should be easily able to move an minimum weight 787, let alone creep across the ground.


Can someone tell me the name of the song?

I recommend you get Shazam. The song is called Animal by Pryda

I mean cool? Not that impressive considering many other cars before have done this. Weee?


Weee indeed. It’s an electric car, not the ones that use gas engines :)

Why need an aircraft tug when you can buy a Tesla Model X aircraft tug

This is what I’m going to do with my future Tesla

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Lol. Classic Elon Musk. The Roadster and Semi unveiling caused shares to jump up 5% overnight. This is just another marketing ploy, especially since Tesla still isn’t profitable 😂.

My mom hit a deer 3 months ago in her Model S. She’s still driving the dealer’s loaner Tesla, because they’re still waiting on parts…3 months later.

The electric power is insane though. There’s absolutely no lag compared to a combustable engine/gas car. Off the line it accelerates much much quicker than my Ninja 636. Almost gives me whip lash. After driving my Jeep, it feels like a toy car since the only noise the car makes is the tires turning on asphalt (at a dead stop). Pretty cool.

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I think it’s nothing special in my opinion. Electric cars and electric heavy load transporters such as trains aren’t new at all. More than 100 years old . There is this misconception that Tesla is doing something that never previously existed but they are just making it mass market.


Hahahahahaha CUTE!. Every (SUVs at least) car in that price range can do that. To add to that, the engines were on idle, witch quite frankly produces alot of thrust already (not enough for the plane to move, but you know that static friction can be about 8000% larger than a friction in motion, by that I say that engines on idle can maintain the speed of a lightly loaded plane (as in the video), making the “accomplishment” less impressive. I would rather see that they save the money for a better interior designer, I mean, really. Anyways, back to the topic.

Electric motors have always been way stronger (torque), than fossil fuel combustion engines. But it’s just recently that we see the technology being used in cars! : )


Might wanna take a look at the video again, the engines were off… It’s impressive that an electric car can pull an aircraft that size. Makes me wonder what your car can do.

Last time I checked a pushback tug could do it and it’s not exactly as supercar 😂 . Just marketing tactics.

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