Tesla Model S P90D vs Qantas 737-800 drag race

The model x should be better with the gull wing doors

I would rather a sedan. Have you seen the Tesla Roadster?

Yes I have by Sedan you means saloon?

I have no idea…I think we have a little language issues here 😂

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Yes we call wagons estate cars and sedans saloons basically what Audi and BMW call their cars.

Uhhh. Ahem. Anyway, they don’t call it that over here.

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Wacht this 747 race😂

I know these are not real aircrafts, but this is funny!

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I watched this a few months ago. Very funny video !


Was that a Xbox advert then I have seen this before but I never noticed the Xbox logo at the end

Cool race - something I’ve noticed with the jets is once over 100 knots or so, the surge of acceleration is relentless. I’m looking forward to getting my Model 3 anyhow.

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Yes Tesla’s have a fast acceleration as the electric motors give instant torque but after the acceleration it’s like a normal car but a very quiet one, it’s the way to go for speed that’s why the McLaren p1 has a hybrid powertrain to make it extremely fast.

This reminds me of the time when a man outran an a380.

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Yes the British airways video

My dad also has this car tesla model S

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