Tesla Model S P90D vs Qantas 737-800 drag race

availabe here:



Saw that, it was really entertaining.


Tesla is my favorite car brand, the model S my favorite car. Elon Musk is a legend.


He is also very ambitious and is a,ways moving into the next best thing wether it’s good or bad

Well I don’t know about that…space X is for sure good though. Same with PayPal lol

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Yes paypal and tesla but the space x thing maybe not so much. I have heard though that with every electric car they are selling they are making a loss and in the uk it costs around the price of a S class for a decent model and still it’s not luxurious in any way and there aren’t many charging stations, unless you are a green person you wouldn’t bother with electric cars

Tesla’s aren’t luxurious? ;-;
Haha good one

SpaceX is awesome, being able land their rockets back on a ship, now that’s what I call cool lol.

Yeah I think they are losing money every model S they make, but their revenue was still up. All’s you do is plug it into an outlet…you don’t need a charging station.

I don’t know what you are saying with the s class thing

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They’re really not all that luxurious. Cost about the same as a mid-specced BMW. I was very close to buying one but they’re not quite ready for the Highlands of Scotland. Electric charging points are still few and far between! Nice cars though and surprisingly practical.

I think they are pretty dang luxurious lol. No engine is luxury enough! 😂

I have four charging stations within 15 miles of my house over here. (Maybe more) they are fairly common in the US. I heard they will get past gas stations in a certain area soon. (Don’t quote me on that)

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Yep over in new York City. 105 of them.


Are you American? I don’t mean any offence but Americancars their are slightly different in luxury quality to the usual German cars people drive here most people get new cars every few years so there is a market for new cars but tesla are not meeting all the needs of potential customers in the uk the base line tesla costs £50.000 you could get a Porsche Cayenne or even any Audi such as the A6 which is far more luxurious

Nice place, east of Gelong

When I was over in Denmark I could have picked up a pre-owned for closer to £25,000 - £30k with reasonably low mileage but getting finance on that would have been a bloody nightmare. I stuck with trusty old BMW instead.

Although I quite fancy a 737 too, nowhere to park it though :-)

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The new Tesla is only 35k for the baseline. I have more to say later. I’m on my way to school

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Enjoy school I have two weeks off now 😝

I’m impressed. Saw it yesterday.

I think that, for me and maybe some others…mainly just me actually. Prefers certain features that sell it. Things like it’s fully electric and still an awesome looking car, ludacris mode can accelerate faster than an aventador, and many other sports cars. The door handles move in and out, there is an 18 inch touchscreen that has all the controls. Autopilot is coming out soon. The interior (I think is awesome) and it’s much more eye catching than a Audi A6. The fact that there is no engine is pretty cool in my book.

Things like that sell the car for me.

Although Model 3 looks like a Mazda 3.

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Do you or your parents have one?, it is quite cool but I prefer for the simple look I have seen two tesla S on the road as there is a dealership where I d a balaclava edition A6 is more attractive it looks like a mix between the Jaguar XF meets a electric car. I do love the BMW i3 though they are much more popular here

That was probably the most badass drag race I have ever seen :o (Along with the TopGear drag race between Hammond and a Eurofighter ;))

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Nope. Just fan girl about them.

@Simon_Watts has a model S

The model S is my favorite car of all time.