Terror Scare at Stuttgart Airport (Spying)

Just yesterday, it appears there was some “spying” going on at Stuttgart Airport. Authorities believe that two people were spying on Stuttgart airport, and that the spying was linked to terroist attack plans. Since then, security has been boosted at the airport. This was scary since I live near Stuttgart Airport. Here is an airticle to the situation: https://www.zdf.de/nachrichten/heute/massive-sicherheitsmassnahmen-am-flughafen-stuttgart-100.html (You may have to translate it)


Well, thankfully they stop them before it could have happened!


All the incidents are switching from aircrafts to airports :/


Hope this Gets better🙊

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Man, Western Europe has not been looking so well. The riots in Paris, a shooting or something in Strasberg , and now this. Hope all is going well and that no weapons or anything made it on the plane.
Shout out to security for keeping all safe and keeping a sharp eye out for spies and terrorists.

My German comes into handy here. I can understand most of the article


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