Terror over the mountains!

A sure fright came aboard AirBridge Cargo flight 473 this morning over southern Canada. During the final few hours of the flight, the crew received a fire warning message in the number 2 engine @ 34,000 Feet! Having no choice but to divert and land safely, the crew decided to divert to Seattle Tacoma with three engines online and the number 2 engine off. Thankfully, the crew was able to land safely at the airport without further incident and taxied to the cargo ramp under own power.

Departure Airport: Moscow (UUEE)

Scheduled Arrival Airport: San Francisco (KSFO)

Emergency Arrival Airport: Seattle Tacoma (KSEA)

Aircraft: Boeing 747-8F (AirBridge Cargo)

Duration: 10 Hours & 33 Minutes.

Server: Expert

Time of screenshot: 8:45AM CST CHICAGO.

Photo edited with Lightroom. Fully complies with the new photo rule.


Cool nice pic

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Pretty nice scenery!

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Pretty good the scenery

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