Terrible winds over Montreal


I’m doing a long flight, and I’m the Montreal time zone, there are 148kts winds, and my plane is bumping about. I have a green tick, so not a server problem, but it’s not doing wonders for my fuel efficiency…

Are these the actual winds?

I’m Delta 563 Heavy on Casual if you want to know my exact location😉



I’ve seen winds aloft like that before. It’s no server error. An IFAE in Slack reported 152kt tailwinds over the Atlantic not long ago.


The winds have died down slightly to 137kts…


Don’t worry…those are some jet streams with bit of extra winds I guess. @Gabe_Z can explain you briefly 😅


Yes, these are Jet Stream. I will explain more when I am done with my school work.

Oh a little rattle. Will be nice to brush off the dust from the plane wings. 😁

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I met some harsh winds last year during a Trans-Pacific flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo. Then many other times as I’ve crossed the Ocean, I’ve encountered strong winds ranging between 130-160kts, all when flying west over the Pacific from US to Asia 🛫

I’ve encountered severe turbulence and tailwinds as strong as 160 kts. My ground speed was 620 kts at M.78. Quickest i’ve ever gone in an airliner.

One time when I looked on Skyvector, the winds over Japan at FL340 were as much as 200kts!

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I have had this happen over the Atlantic, 150-160kts, I don’t know if @Nate_Schneller was referring to me as I had that happen, I wish IF didn’t combine high wind speed with turbulence as much as it does.

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it’s still acceptable
i have tried 190knts winds from the west
when i way flying LGW-KEF

Strong winds sure, but not uncommon in the daring IF skies, lol.

I’ve had worse, 210kts headwind EGLL>KATL B752

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I don’t know what your altitude is, but those winds look correct.

Windy.com is a great tool to see what the winds are at different altitudes all over the globe.



Winds have died down a lot over night, and I’m at the top of China trying to reach Kuala Lumpur (WMKK)


The entire northeast US features a large storm moving through, expect lousy weather throughout the region.

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