Terrible performance on IF on iPad Pro 12.9 2017

Hello everyone, I have an issue that I know I should not be having. I purchased an iPad Pro 12.9 for use of IF and I expected a great FPS rate on Infinite Flight. Recently, I have started to notice more of the FPS drops. My graphics settings are High, with anti-aliasing on and limit frame rates off. My airplane count is also set as high.

The FPS returns in the air, but on the ground it’s terrible. Perhaps a performance fix?

What can be done about this? Thanks ;)

Anti-Aliasing switched on (enabled) should help smooth things out. Have you tried this with AA on?

my apologies, anti aliasing was on. Turning it off would push the FPS back up again.
Heres the issue, why does a top end tablet lag with antialiasing on?

Since Infinite Flight was geared for enthusiasts that have a broad range of devices I’m sure the Devs built some options into the settings for flexibility due to so many different devices out there which is much different than purchasing an XBox or PlayStation where the hardware and firmware is static.

Have you noticed a difference in quality as a whole or does this depend on traffic, imagery and weather?

Weather is clear, medium traffic. I’m urging the devs to push out an investigation regarding this problem.

I too am having issues where I can’t fly on iPad Pro. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, changed setting and even dropped everything to low, but for the life of me I can’t fly from VHHH to VVNB on TS without at TOD the simulator just crashing. I have tried now 4x times and issues always happens about the same spot

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Glad I’m not the only one experiencing issues.

Devs, if you’re reading this, you should probably fix the iPad Pro’s support for IF :), people consider IF as a factor for purchasing an iPad Pro. It’s one of the most powerful devices out there, so I’m not 100% sure why I cant have a stable 60FPS flying IF on a 2017 iPad Pro.

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I’m quite certain they will see this. Just sit tight and be patient as the Infinite Flight Team is a small hard working group however it’s 7am on the East Coast and 4am on the West Coast of the US in which some of the team members are located. Please be patient.


If it’s on the ground, then it might be the amount of planes on the ground…
Try turning down your Max airplane count. I have a iPad Pro 12.9 in 2015, and it only lags when there’s a lot of traffic on the ground that I can see.

Both of you seems to be experiencing two completely different issues.

Lag could be caused by a number of things, and I’m 100% this is not an issue with IF and the iPad Pro.

How’s the temperature of the device when lagging starts? Does it always happen around the same time?

psa: restart your device every once in a while
and reset it every once in a while

Are you experiencing this on live or solo? Try solo mode to see what happens, it could be a network issue.

Tried a restart, everything is back to normal! Thanks for the suggestions everyone :)

Can’t believe I had not thought of that, must be my clumsiness after dropping my phone in the water and then flicking it out of my hands

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On Apple, it is recommended to restart your device before and after every flight to clear the cache. Apple needs a restart, Android does that automatically.

Phone? You reported that the iPad Pro 12.9 has performance issues…

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