Terrible Mistake

Hello IFC. I am very sorry to annoy you guys.
I just got a report from VNKT controller IFATC IPP Thomas for incorrect inbound procedures. When I’ve contacted him and asked for landing permission, he instructed me to enter right downwind runway 02. But I’ve accidentally thought it was runway 20, which led me into 1 violation. I knew it was my fault, but I really want to have a clean record to be grade4. Is there any way I can be a ‘good pilot’?


You are always a “good pilot” if You learn from Your mistakes and acknowledge that You did wrong and/or made a mistake.

Unfortunately, a “ghost” or “violation” will stay in Your logbook for eternity. Only thing would be to get a new account and subscription, but don’t go into that trouble :)

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Please contact me via PM


Thank you so much for your advice.