Terrible IF meme

Idk I was bored for this but yeah

IFATC be like:



Nobody here can help you. Seek assistance.


send help this is the worst meme ever

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Funny meme that you’ve got there. Unfortunately, I hate to be a party pooper but memes and meme topics are not permitted on the IFC as the majority of the time, they serve no meaningful purpose and the topic is not very productive, resulting in one word replies or a clog up of numerous other memes.

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I can help you!

Wanna post it here 😅

Great meme tho!

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Ah I saw someone else post it the other day so I figured but thanks anyways

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Leave the IFC now.

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My instant thought posting this

I feel insulted while completely agreeing to this

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Stay in school or you might end up like the guy who made this thread. Insert meme here.