Terrible experience on EXPERT @ TNCM just now.

##Experience on Expert just now.

I have just been flying on Expert Server at TNCM. I was flying in a Flybe Dash-800, building up some hours, doing some Island Hops.

I have been shocked at the conduct of pilots this evening. One user in particular whom I hope comes forward and messages me so we can have a private conversation has shocked me. Expert server is meant to be the home of professional and experienced pilots who are there to fly to a realistic and high standard at all time.

Some examples of poor behaviour I experienced tonight.

The aircraft behind me was following me far too close. When on a final approach, on expert, ATC or not, you should take on visual considerations to spacings and identify the need for a ‘Go-Around’ at the earliest opportunity, not follow the aircraft in front in, as close as possible before a last minute go around…

I think this photo speaks for itself, When on expert server you should most certainly listen carefully to UNICOM transitions and follow NOTAMS which clearly outline what runways are open and closed for landings and departures. As you can see here, I had a plane land as I was landing from the correct RNY10 approach.…This is casual server stuff guys.

Im opening this up really in hope that the pilots on the server with me tonight, come forward, PM me so we can have a constructive conversation about the piloting I have seen tonight.

Have you experienced anything similar?


We understand you are disappointed but there is no need to make a huge topic on it. It just clogs up the forum:) Hopefully the pilot will contact you on PM, but please think before posting:)


Glad you said something. I was going to post something about the behavior today as well. Just the random stuff that people were doing, turning on to taxiways where there is another aircraft headed in the opposite direction. I agree that there are some things that need to be done.


Hello, Thanks for your reply mate. I hope that this just also raises some awareness.


Same thing happened to me at TFFR today.


Thanks mate, glad I’m not the only person who has experienced it! I heard mention of an expert server test, I think this has become a huge necessity now!

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Use the report button, beyond that there is not much else that can be done at the moment.