Terrible behaviour on the expert server

This A380 spawned next to me pushbacked through me then proceeded to follow me


You could contact a Mod or Staff, and show them the replay so they can from there decide what actions are to be taken. The replay already show the Display Name and Callsign of the pilot, so that eases things out as you don’t have memorize their name.

That’s the best tip I can give you, contact a Mod or Staff regarding this and they will handle from there :)

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Ok thanks for your help is there any particular person I should contact?

Particular… Hmm, Nope, not necessarily. I believe contacting any Mod or Staff (Not Developers), should work.

Deercrusher, Schylberg, Tyler Shelton, Levet, whomever you want, though keep in mind that response back may take time depending how much work they have that they need to prioritize :)

Ok thanks I will contact them

That’s not on😡. I thought people only did that on casual


There you go

Heck yeah I’ve even got one that just literally cut me on short final SCIE when ATC’s not around so I had to go around and let that “grade 2 of expert server” have it. I think people are just taking their up rank for granted and treat the ES like it’s TS. Professionalism needed for ES indeed!


Thats realy frustrating that even on ES people do such things.

Send them as much descriptive information as possible of the incident(s), the time in UTC of each incident (which can be found in your replay), your replay file as previously stated, and include screenshots from your replay.


You’re at cruising speed and altitude and he is following you? Aren’t you out of ATC airspace? If so, I don’t see any problem with it

its Expert server so most people from here want realistic flight and for that also there has to be safe distance 1000ft horizontal and it was 5nm vertical if i am correct and you can clearly see there is no 5nm space

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Expert server is going downhill so much!! Dunno if it’s just kids or people not caring anymore!!
A388 normally indicates kids, why I’m not sure…maybe it’s because biggest is best?!!

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3 nm horizontal and 1000 ft vertical, but yeah close enough.

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wait am i a kid just because i am flying the A380 from KJFK to WSSS on Expert right now ? 😂😉😉 (i inwo what you mean)


okay thanks for the correction

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Hes right next to me

I’m just trying to do a semi realistic route from Heathrow to LA

just pause IF so your flight disconnects than reconnect and he will be far in front or conpletly gone because he thinks your gone

Yes I did that initially and got rid of him

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