Terrible ATC

I casually lost a whole flight because ATCs don’t know how to be ATCs 🤡

I was approaching at EDDF and the approach ATC sent me all the instructions and I followed them, then asked me to report my airport in sight and I did so. Furthermore, the EDDF tower ATC allowed me to land in runway 25R, number 2 in sequence and I did, everything alright, then it asked me to return to the airspace ATC, I was obligated to. The airspace ATC asked me to return to EDDF frequency and then they started throwing me between both frequencies, so gave me a level 2 violation.



If you feel like that violation was not fair, then check out this thread, that tells you how to appeal the violation.



I would suggest appealing it if you’re really that annoyed by it.

I’m annoyed because it happens all the time when I’m approaching a busy airport

It destroys the whole happiness of flying in IF


Appeal it if you think you did nothing wrong

Hello @IG_Voebras,

This is not a platform to shame the controller. Please send a message to the controller via a Private Message or you can message @appeals on the Infinite Flight Community in case you feel that your violation was issued unfairly.