Terrible ATC voice iOS

Hello I need an advice

Since I updated to iOS 13.3

My pilot and ATC voice becomes terrible voice and accent like a dead robot.

And The IF app doesn’t let me choose the Siri Female(default) sounds more like a human and realistic voice.

Here are my settings from the app and the settings

I am just sick of those voice accents and ruined my game experience


Have you tried all the voices? I’m not an Apple guy so I practically have no idea 😅


Yea try Catherine the voice is more like siri

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Since I changed new iPad, my previous one have many voices to pick from the app.

So maybe I should create as a feature request to let IF app pick my voice that I downloaded and use them or idk.

Am just sick of these voices

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Download more voices to your new iPad then. Most of them does not seem to be downloaded by the looks of it on your screenshot :)

The app display what’s available on the device, and what iOS allows us to use. It’s not something we can control.


If always wondered what ATC voices are transmitted to other people on the frequency? Your chosen voice or the default set by the other user? I’m guessing your chosen voice is heard if it is installed on the end device, but Android/iOS voices are completely different.

That’s where the default comes in :)

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I mean as u can see nothing more option to choose Only Siri Male and female and those default terrible voice that’s all

No, there are different. Just go into the sub-menus.
The “Siri female” you have selected is not a voice we’re allowed to use, you’d have to ask Apple why.

But download additional ones and I’m sure you’ll find one to your liking.


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