Terrible ATC in NC today (Playground) !

Was doing T & C s at KSSC in my F-16. I landed the second time and I requested a frequency change and I got a message saying “Taxi to runway 04L, contact Tower when ready.”. 1st of all I never asked for clearance to take-off, 2nd I was going to park. So I took off from 04L and did some more T & C s and the ATC ignored me… So I flew to Charlotte and asked for clearance to land (any runway) and got ignored, I did the same multiple times, until I declared right base 36C where once again I got ignored. After all this I just left.

I know. I don’t expect much, I at least expect acknowledgment though!

Please check other posts of users claiming to have a terrible ATC experience on Playground. Underneath you will see many posts on why you should not clutter the forum with reports of bad ATC on playground


Sorry Panth.

go to advance server some people on playground don’t know how to use the atc properly

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