Terrain warning and hide uncontrolled airports for ATC confirmed

At about 0:24 in Tyler’s new video; “Approach-episode 1” he is showing us the way to customize your radar screen.

There are two new options:

  • Hide Terrain Warning
  • Hide Uncontrolled Aiports

I am thrilled to see those additions, anyone else?

Here is the video for anyone wondering:


Did you notice the heading actually worked for the aircraft to? 😍


I noticed alot of new things. Really looking forward to next update! All these small changes make great additions in the end.


What you mean worked for the aircraft? the heading has always worked?

A point- The fact that he is showing us this, means the update surely is very close :)??

When you click on the aircraft now it always says like a 3 deg heading it actually tells you the aircraft heading now

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I really want to know what that direct button is for though.

Yes, that’d be great! I suppose this update log will be a big one.


Oh you mean that one, I thought you where talking abou the purple line, lol.


T-Minus 3 days ;)

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Great new features!

What this shows is the update is pretty much being realeased.


  • New Features and New series:
    It’s nice to see some new features come into play with the ATC commands, but what supports an update is the fact that he is starting a Approach series with those features. He can’t teach content that’s not there so that means it’s going to be realeased before the next episode!

That logic, wow.


I’ve never felt so wise 😂, this is a first for me

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