Terrain Turns Black, Can't See Anything

I was Velocity 001, B77W, Virgin Australia, Display name: CathayPacific. I was flying into KLAX from YSSY, when on the coast, the entire terrain turned black. I couldn’t see anything, but luckily, using APPR I was able to safely land. Here’s a picture:

Has this happened to anyone else??

I’m sure this is corrupted files. If you uninstall and reinstall, it should rectify the problem. Force restart the app, and make sure your internet connection is reliable.


Alright, Il’l try that, but I did do it just before that flight.

In relation to that, factory resets should decrease the amount of that happening too

Good ol’ black floor issue. Is known by the staff but the cause is unknown. Normally a simply restart of the app will fix it but if not a Re-install will be your best bet.

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