Terrain Rendering Causing Lag

So, ive been having this problem since 21.1 came out. I’ve tried lowering all the graphics settings down, and i still get the same results. However, During climb with terrain / scenery in sight, the frame stays at 17fps, if I’m heading for the ocean during climb, the frame climbs slowly until i get 30fps while having the whole ocean in view, and stays at 30fps at cruise. If this is a duplicate, please let me know. Thanks! :)

Device Specs:
Motorola G Stylus (2020)
4GB RAM, Snapdragon 665
GPU: Adreno 610
Android 11

Tried the following:
Restarting the device
Lowering all graphics settings down

did you clear your scenery cache yet?

I cleared scenery and game cache, yes

the only thing left that i can think of is reinstalling…try that if you didnt try that yet

Ok, i’ll try it now.

The reinstalling didnt’t really do too much to be honest

is this happening on cellular or wifi?

The link below from the ‘Get Help’ section of the User Guide has some general as well as Android specific performance tips. Consider giving them a try and see if it gets any better.

This is happening on WiFi.

Hi @SouljaFlight , I feel like we’ve had this conversation a few times.

The device in question, the Motorola G Stylus, is not a very powerful phone. It is very much a mid range device, and as I explained before, there is not really anything you can do to magically improve the performance of the device. 21.1 introduced some pretty significant features into the simulator and many devices have started to struggle.

Scenery will always cause some lag, especially if there are buildings present. Keeping the device locked to 30FPS is a good way to reduce some stuttering, and 30FPS is a more than acceptable framerate. I personally keep all of my devices locked to 30FPS during a flight.

Potentially Vulkan may improve the performance of your device slightly, but short of flashing a custom ROM, Kernel and editing some hardware level data, there is nothing you can do to squeeze more performance out of your phone. Making sure you have a fast, stable internet connection can help to reduce scenery related issues to an extent.

To be honest here, It isn’t slightly strong like an iPhone but, i can’t afford a powerful device now. I’m hoping that the IF Staff will push out performance improvements in the next updates. Also if i heard wrong, Cameron said they are testing budget devices that can run IF after 21.1. The lag only happens during climb or descent below FL200 without clouds. If able later, i can record a video and show you guys on how steeply the frame rate climbs and stays at 30fps for the remainder of the flight until the descent phase.

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