Terrain quality

What difference does low/medium/high terrain quality have? It’s all blurry (this is not a request for better terrain), but can someone please post a few screenshots with clear differences here?

The water in high quality will be shiny, reflect sunlight, and appear to be moving (Unless it’s only the plane moving). Low water quality will be like blue paint with some brown or darker blue spots to make it a bit more realistic.

As for the terrain, it’s not terrific to begin with. Still looks like paint with various colors mixed in to simulate vegetation, etc.


Low - gets you some minimal sharpness of water with terrain (you can see this at EGLC)
Med - Somewhat fine
High - the sharpness is very fine

the levels just increase on with more sharpness

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Water = great terrain = okay 😕
Hopefully they will eventually improve the terrain

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Anytime Dasabel

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@carmalonso. Question answered. Pls pin. Thanks