Terrain, pull up!

Terrain, Pull up!

Hello everyone! Such a long time since my last screenshots topic, back in the Azul days! Today I felt in the mood of flying VFR at one of the most stunning and challenging regions, Nepal. As soon as Nepal is mentioned, we all imagine Lukla airport (VNLK) specially after yesterday’s FNF Madness. Nonetheless, the truth is that there are many hidden pearls all over the Nepali territory, which are awaiting its discovery.

Yesterday I flew to one of those: Manang Airport (VNMA). Actually, I had VNMA in my track for a few months, anyways thats another story. Near the terrific Annapurna mountain(s) and at a elevation of 11’192 Feet MSL, Manang airport is really a hidden pearl for the terrain lovers!

I leave here a handful piece of screenshots I took from my short VFR Flight from Pokhara to Manang,

Instants after rotation from Pokhara, free camera made possible this interesting shot

After making one right 360º turn, I managed to capture the mountainous Nepal and Indian mesta.

to the other side, prominent terrain is spotted constantly

After banking left, we enter a ‘valley’ and proceed to initiate our visual descent to runway 29

A bit closer look to the path we are following

We start preparing for the landing, if that can be achieved here

Airport in sight, note that due to terrain, you will mange to have the airport in sight very late, thus you will need to have everything prepared for the touchdown

I do not like to take pictures of the real touchdown moment, due to my inability to perform decent landing

One last but interesting shot, as always, instants before touchdown

And… that was all of my repertory of this post, I really hope you found those interesting and decently made, I am willing to receive any feedback via PM if possible!
I look forward to spot some of you guys trying the terrain-wise level approach at Manang!

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Very nice pictures @BinaryChess!

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Cheverongo brother! 😍🔥

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Thank you, more coming soon!

Efectivamente, muchas gracias brother


Me olvidé de que también hablas español lol