Terrain problem

Yeah thanks! But still didn’t work,maybe it’s a glitch…

That’s not available on my tablet,I’m on android remember…

Hmm, I’m not sure what you should do, that’s all I can do, just wait until someone comes across this thread with a fix, there must be a way ;).

Yeah I guess so,here’s another picture,I’m now at EGLC on the runway and look at this:

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Thanks for the feedback and support message. We apologize for the inconvenience but have recently received similar reports from Samsung users. Unfortunately many carriers make changes without notifying developers that negatively affects the performance.

I’ll notify the developers to see if this can be remedied from our end. Thanks!



Thanks Tyler! Hopefully you guys can fix this kind of “glitch”.

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Most likely related to this. Hopefully it gets fixed for you soon!

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Yeah,he has the same problem too…

Lots of people do. I use Samsung Tab A. I don’t have terrain glitch but we could use some new terrain ( maybe cities ) Of course, this takes time and has been out there for probably a few months. At best we can probably only expect a terrain fix in… oh a year or two? And… may I sign up for TUI Virtual?

Yeah,I know… Sure! Just PM us for further information!

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PM? sorry not great with abbreviations

It stands for private message.